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New Motor Installation services

In garage door services, the two major installations are new door installation and new motor installations. If you really want to obtain value for money service, why not reach out to us at Mt. Eden Garage Door Repair, NY. We offer very reliable and affordable garage door maintenance at the cheapest price. In recognition of your patronage and loyalty, we ensure that our discount is well packaged for motivations. We strongly suggest that you find quality new motor as soon as you notice the weakness of the old motor. Alternatively, you may sub contract the maintenance of your door to Mt. Eden garage Door repair, NY. Failure to do any of this, you are systematically planning the damage of your door at the fullness of time, it will stop working. It is costlier to go for new door installation than replacing broken spring and new motor put together. We are strategically located to get to your home or office in less than 20 minutes after you might have called us. Do not wait until you are lock out or lock in or get injured by your garage door. Everything of value or that will last long require periodic and constant maintenance and garage door is not exempted. Permit us to be your partner in progress with quality services and attractive discounts.

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